Design and implementation of product expiry management system

It is so unfortunate how many have become victims of expired items like food, drugs, equipment and all. Suggestions show that in most cases, merchants do not have absolute watch over which merchandise is soon to expire and which is not. This project topic is a proposal suggesting the design and implementation of a product expiry management system.

Several cases abound pointing to the intake of already expired drugs and its effect, some of food, some of household equipment and other associated cases. The situation is probably caused by negligence, poor documentation habits or  perhaps ignorance of the possibility of a product's expiration date reaching sooner than expected. 

Introducing a product expiry management system 

The design and implementation of a product expiry management system helps merchants have handy details of every product they  deal on. It is an internet based system that can generate reports of merchandise, report a product's expiry date, maintain stock balance and report product purchase details. 

In other words, a product expiry management system is able to generate product sales details, purchase details, expiration details, and profile details of the products organisation. 

The resources of a product expiry management system can be adopted and  utilized by businesses, product companies and organisations. It could also be used by small and large scale businesses.

Having this system in an organisation can allow businesses and organisations to easily develop inventory management logs,  helps maintain inventory details, as well as help them detect almost expired products.


In almost every supermarket or variety store you visit lately, there is a web based inventory system; most popular is the use of a desktop to take stock of what is bought and paid for. The same way, a product expiry web based system could exist to detect expired products while taking stock. 

The essence of this innovation is to save users from risk of consuming expired products. Secondly, it saves the organisation or business the reputation of not selling out already expired products.

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