I've observed that Nigerians actually accepted Democracy with joy and relief in place of militacracy not because the knew that the system would be more rewarding and portends higher dividends than the alternative forgone or not but because in actual sense they was no better alternative to the form of government their leaders offered them 13yrs back. Its 13 yrs down the line and today we celebrate the 13th yr in an imperial form of government that is the flip side of an imperial economic system(capitalism). 13yrs in a form a government that is in theory a government of the people, by the people and for the people but in practice is a reflection of the alienation of the people from the government they sacrificed their rights to & allowed to rule them through social contract. We suffer and smile through economic hardship with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer all under a democratic government. Democracy in the light of the foregoing is the opium of the Nigerian

Is democracy the best form of government there is today? If it is, why doesn't it seem to work well for us? Or is our democracy realy still nacent?. Maybe our future will tell.

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All over the world democracy has proven to be the best form of government and it is working in the countries that practice it truly.  In Nigeria, 13 years is not so long a period to begin to judge its workability.  It still needs time to mature.  I believe we shall get there.


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