• Akpowowo: Staying Safe At Home, observing personal hygiene And Social Distancing Will Greatly Minimize Pandemic

His Excellency Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State in keeping his political promises to Deltans have deployed drastic measures to contain the spread of the deadly killer CoronaVirus also known as COVID-19 which has become a global pandemic.

Governor Okowa through the Honorable Commissioner, Ministry of  Urban Renewal have not only transformed the Asaba Koka Junction a place formerly inhabited by lunatics, touts and criminals to a monument and amusement park, but also a beehive and has become centre of attraction for commuters, passengers and passersby who spent minutes with admiration gazing at the Water fountain and the erected billboard inscribed the Coronavirus COVID-19 it's symptoms and the general preventive measures well analyzed in brilliant graphics.

Information is wealth and traveling is part of education is to a great advantage as the erection of the billboard is an amazing idea by the Honorable Commissioner for Urban Renewal which has brought a sigh of relief to many who for the first time were privileged to read and know that the Coronavirus COVID-19 is real, can kill and is preventable if simple hygienic and social observances are followed.

Koka Junction targets the influx of hundreds of thousands people apart from travelers trafficking along the Benin-Onitsha expressway, the Ughelli-Asaba expressway adjoining to the Koka junction caters for people living in the towns and rural communities who have little or no access to electricity, the internet, print and mass media will henceforth return back to their villages and towns to educate their loved ones about the COVID-19 Pandemic having read the billboard which will on daily basis increase the awareness of the deadly disease thereby reducing the spread. However, there have not be any recorded case of the outbreak in Delta State.

The Honorable Commissioner for Urban Renewal, Olorogun Barrister Arthur Akpowowo in a statement said, the need for deltans to comply with government directives to contain the pandemic cannot be compromised and however advised that any suspected cases of CoronaVirus should be reported using the phone numbers displayed on the billboard.

Other features of the Koka monument and park include interchange, water fountain sight seeing, transit services, commuters stopover services, fruits and light food shopping etc.

All thanks to Governor Okowa for making Koka Junction wearing a new look.

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