Dell Support Phone Number +1-844-307-3636 to Get a Printer Support

Error code 30 printer not activated in Dell?

Steps to resolve Error code 016-302 in Dell printers

Step 1: Primarily you've got to get rid of any print command from the queue and also you must clean the course of the print from the queue and after that try to reprint again.

Step 2: It is possible that in the Event You have given several controls at the same time that the printing commands have been stuck in the queue and the device is not able to print the file so clean the queue

And print .

Step 3: Changing the ip of one's Dell apparatus will also help in troubleshooting the issue.

Step 4: To do so, you have to reset the network settings of the apparatus and add the printer again to your own system or install it if demanded.

Step 5: After that, go into the"printer configurations" then add the new IP address there

Step 6: It may be possible that due to over heating the print commands have stuck at the queue and also have led to the error. Therefore turn the device off and wait for it to cool , and when any paper is stuck

In the printer subsequently eliminate it when the printer cools down after turning it to.

Step 7: It may be possible that it is a result of the outdated printer driver and firmware so ensure you have the most current firmware and drivers installed on your printer.

For much more assistance dial Dell support number toll-free

If you're still not able to fix the issue and the unit is not printing and remains showing the malfunction then join with the experts through Dell Support Number +1-844-307-3636 tollfree.


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