Delivery driver’s son dies after eating poisoned takeaway intended for customer’s ex

A delivery driver’s son has died after the family ingested rat poison from a meal allegedly intended to poison someone else.

Delivery driver's son dies after eating poisoned takeaway intended for customer's ex

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Indonesian police believe a 25-year-old suspect identified only as “NA” approached a delivery driver known as Bandiman on April 25 while he was at a mosque in the city of Yogyakarta.

The woman asked him to deliver some satay meat to a man named Tomy – her alleged ex-partner, according to South China Morning Post.

However Tomy was not at home when Bandiman showed up with the food, and his wife refused to accept it as she did not recognise who sent the order.

Instead, Bandiman took the satay home with him and ate it with his wife and 10-year-old son, Naba.

They both became ill after eating the meat’s accompanying peanut sauce that was laced with rat poison.

The driver told police that he did not eat the sauce but his wife and son both started vomiting soon after eating the meat skewers.

The little boy was said to be foaming at the mouth.

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