This Asuu strike is lingering unecessarily,the other day the education minister said that Asuu will soon call off the strike,even Awuzie Asuu's president said that they have finished negotiations with Govt, that he is taking their deals to his 'principals",but days are already running into weeks yet no feed back from Asuu,every one kept mute,this silence is not golden,an adage says that when two elephants fights,the grass bears the brunt,We Nigeria students are languishing at homes,something needs tobe done urgently,if not this country will pay dearly for keeping their young minds idle,rememjgber that an idle mind is devil's workshop.this unusual alliance b/w FG & ASUU is suspicious,FG is silent likewise Asuu,these students we abuse today we surely revenge tomorrow,today boko haram is killing the man on the street & the highly placed,if our leaders feels that they can shatter our future so that tomorrow their children schooling abroad will come & lord it over us,let them have a rethink,i see lawlessness looming in this country,i see frustrated students taking up arms.FG/ASUU should know that there deliberate silence constitutes to negligence & when youths are negelected,it breeds lawlessness & who is free in a lawless society? Your guess is as good as mine.FG/Asuu,time to break this silence.GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

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The earlier ASUU and the Federal Government settle their difference, the better for our education.  It is really pathetic


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