It is a shame that IGP Onovo could only come to Abia State because of the kidnap of the journalists when in the past it is well known that his men are neck-deep in the kidnap and other criminal activities that has pervaded the South East in the recent times.  It is not just shameful, it is obnoxious to think not to talk of knowing that Theodore Orji has hired Israelis to smoke out criminal groups that he himself and his party leaders created and armed.  Whatever happens, God is in Heaven and he sees everything.  There is always a price tag.  All people would get their reward in due course, the police, the politician-thieves, the ngwa people who allowed their land to be infested by this canker-worm.  If the Federal government want to save Abia State now, they have to declare a state of emergency in Abia State.  The Government of Abia State is a criminal government and should be sacked by the presidential powers provided for in the constitution of Nigeria - STATE OF EMERGENCY.  PERIOD.

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if we declare such because of kidnappers What should we do when we have other graver issues to deal with?
There are no other graver issues to wait for in Abia State. It is not about kidnappers only. It is the whole gamut of the causative forces behind the kidnapping - rocking-smelly-murky corruption not seen anywhere else in Nigeria, no roads, constant flooding of peoples' homes in Aba urban centre, closure of businesses and lack of opportunities that have characterized the last eleven and half years of PDP/PPA government in Abia State. Come for a visit one day. If you walk on the streets of Aba for just a stretch of one kilometre, you would be convinced that there is need for state of emergency in Abia State. Kidnapping is a small matter compared to the condition of Abia State. The people are living in swamps inside Aba itself. Imagine what would be happening in the villages. Come and see for yourself. If you prove me wrong in my assertion here, I would refund your expenses.

Aliyu ADEKUNLE S said:
if we declare such because of kidnappers What should we do when we have other graver issues to deal with?


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