Death as energy, a mere transition, an eternal long sleep

The entire world is made up of energy and matter. Energy and matter can not be created nor destroyed but it can be transformed. Life is energy which can not be created nor destroyed but it does change. Life like other forms of matter (energy) may passed through various phases of transition but it can not be  destroyed. Death is energy, a transition, a mere change, a long eternal peaceful sleep and sleep is nothing to be feared.So let your heart be at peace when ever a living soul goes on a long sleep, it is only a mere form of energy. An eternal sleep that all must succumb to. 

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Ufuoma, referring to death as "a long sleep, an eternal sleep", negates your fundamental beginning thesis that death
is energy. It does not make sense to dabble with the word energy, if you have not fully understood the deeper scientific
meaning of energy and matter, as explained by modern physics. If death is an eternal sleep, then how do we equate it
or assign any function of energy, in all its dynamic variety to it? How do we reconcile your steady state (sleep), with the transformational, relativistic and dynamic states of matter ( energy ) and as understood by Einstenian or modern 20th century physics?

Do you know that to modern physics any object you pick up, even a stone, encapsulates thousands, if not millions of sub-atomic processes, non of which qualify as a long sleep! No, there is no such thing as death or "eternal sleep". When we bury people, their body simply decays into the surrounding matter or goes to the belly of microbes. And what used to be their mind continues on a form of space-time transformation we are yet to fully understand. But trust me when I say, this phase is so dynamical that it is very far from being just a long eternal sleep. In fact it is more like a very vibrant birth into another world or space-time, because our universe contains no eternal steady states. Non!

A steady state is concept for something which undergoes no change or transformation whatsoever, statis. That is
the exact opposite of energy. Since no energy can be in a steady state, death also cannot be a steady state as some religions mis-educate us. Hence, to actually understand death you must observe birth very closely to discern that; birth and death are simply two sides of the same coin. One that science shall one day toss at will, to open up the vistas and mysteries of both to our utmost delight and utility.

~ Nigereekaz
I enjoyed your comments. Death simply transit to another state a form of energy. Each of us has a body, spirit and soul and these all have 'energy' as the case may be - my personal view - In death we loose the body and transform completely to the soul another form of energy that can not be destroyed. The essence of the write up is for us not to grieve too much when when lost a friend or relative because it is just an eternal sleep that all man must succumb to.
"The essence of the write up is for us not to grieve too much when when lost a friend or relative because it is just an eternal sleep that all man must succumb to."

Suppose, you imagine instead a situation where, rather than your "eternal sleep" idea, your friend or relative is very busy transforming through so many phases, which ultimately returns him/her as a new born child right in your community: full of life again and bubbling with new zest for life. A lot of ancient cultures, including Africans may have actually had proof of this space-time, energy transformation I just described. They called it transmigration and re-incarnation. It has been known to take anywhere from just a few days to a few years to complete the changes.
You see, there is really NO "eternal sleep" that you have emphasized. The dead are not asleep, they are amongst us
as different forms of their original energies. So how do you know if you are not a deceased relative of somebody?!

It has to be that way, else the addition by birth of socalled brand new people and ever increasing "sleeping people" will make us eventually INFINITE in number! Don't you think so? Our creator is wiser than we can imagine. ( chuckles )
Nice Post......


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