Dear men, avoid doing the following if you want to remain fertile & have children in future

As a man, you need to know some lifestyles and diets that could cause serious damages to your body organs.

Knowing about them will aid you in living a healthy life that will promote your reproductive health.

Here are major things to avoid, if you want to remain fertile in the future;

1. Sugar


Excessive intake of sugar-sweetened beverages can cause lower fertility, low sperm count, obesity, and other organs damages in a man. You are advised to reduce the intake of redefined sugar, caffeine, beer, caffeinated energy drinks, sweetness soda, and yogurt.

Taking much of the mentioned items can cause a man to experience reduced fertility. Excessive sugar can cause you and your woman diabetes type 1 and 2 and in worse cases, these diseases can be passed to an unborn child.

2. Alcohol

Excessive intake of alcohol is unfavorable to our health. Alcohol influences the performance of a man’s reproductive Organs. It makes a man produce low-quality testosterone which is responsible for the production of sperms. You should limit the intake of alcohol if you want to maintain healthy reproductive organs.

3. Stress and lack of physical exercise

Stress is another factor that can cause infertility in a man, this affects the quality of semen. You are advised to create time for rest, especially at night. You should engage in healthy physical exercise to boost your reproductive organs. It also helps you to burn calories and excess sugar in your body.

Here are serious lifestyles you should consider.

•Managing stress.

•Getting good quality sleep.

•Limiting use or intake of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.

•Exercising each day and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships.

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