Dear ladies, checkout these medical reasons should stop wearing pants

Most people grew up thinking undergarment was an absolute necessity.

bad bacteria - Opera News South Africa

Woman wearing pants 24/7 is not advisable especially when at home.

According to several women interviewed by the Daily Mail, not wearing underwear is the “key to good health” because underwear could lead to embarrassing infections and other health problems.

Ditching your pants does more than just provide relief from discomfort after a long day.

It may also have significant health benefits. Whether you’re thinking about wearing skirts and dresses instead of pants from now on, or you just want to spend a lazy, pants-free weekend at home, keep reading to find out what happens to your body when you stop wearing pants.

Medical study stated that the female reproductive organ is always clean and healthy as it absorbs fresh air. Choosing not to wear pants is indeed a fine idea for the same reason that sleeping in the buff is widely recommended.

Not wearing pants give you the following health benefits:-

You’ll prevent against yeast infections when you stop wearing pants

You’ll prevent unpleasant odors when you stop wearing pants

You decrease your risk of skin irritations when you stop wearing pants

Bacterial infections will be kept at bay when you stop wearing pants

Your circulation may improve when you stop wearing pants

You won’t be at risk for TPS (Tight Pants Syndrome) when you stop wearing pants

You’ll get better sleep when you stop wearing pants

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