How greedy can a person be? This question has plauged my mind since i became aware of the ridiculous and outrageous sums of money our lawmakers tunnel down their accounts annually! A man can comfortably collect 204 million niara a year while a fellow Nigerian has 2 engage over and over in demonstrations,protest,warning strike and main strike before a meagre 18,000 niara can actually become a dream come true salary for our civil servants! I ask again how greedy can a person be? What a shame? We are being ruled by a set of parasites with dead consciences!

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It is an epitome of African type of politics, where the winner takes all. Our law makers are much more interested in what goes into their pockets than the welfare of the masses. They are all greedy lots.
My dear friends,i pray that we all live 2 see our beloved Nigeria become a nation where truth and integrity rules supremely. But now is the time to speak up again and again until our desired change comes. Let us not hold our peace nor close our mouth lest our consciences be counted amongst those that are dead. I know with every fibre of my being that these sets of armed-robbers without guns will pay for their treacherous ways both in this life and the one to come!!!
As you rightly said, they have dead consciences.
The people who are going on strike daily are the people that voted them into that office.
We need revolution in this country for things to change. Our sense of value have to be re-oriented.
Ignorant have play a great deal on our leaders, that is the reason you see them misbehaving.Can you imagine them asking the CBN governor to come and apologize to them? I mean these guys are not human at all.
Hey, do they even have conciences? They dont. It is only when they have we can be talking of a dead concience. If they ever hard conciences they would have rejected the fat salary they recieve right from the begining; they would have ensured that Nigerians have cause to smile since they were elected into power over 11 years ago; they would have ensured that curruption which is the bane of our present predicament is reduced such that those who hold political offices will be scared to indulge in it. Their conciences are not dead, they never had it.

We are missing some points here. More than 80% of those in that legislative house entered not thr our votes but thr rigging.What we must do this time around is to really mobilse us to make sure nobody enters into elective office anymore without one man one vote basis.When we elect you and you go there to mess up we recall you and put another to replace you.Its a shame really what is happening now and what we are hearing about these useless and good for nothing so called legislators.


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