Dating and Courtship National Question and Answer Seminar

The indications I get from our beautiful and experience filled interaction in this group is that there is a great need to address the issue of dating and courtship to throw light on this critical subject. I have a feeling it would serve us very well to get together offline, real time to talk for a full day or two about this subject. I am proposing a National Dating Questions and Answer Seminar to be sponsored by this Group. This should be planned to hold Lagos and Port Harcourt in the first instance and subsequently hold in Abuja and all the Geopolitical zones of Nigeria and even in some States. Those who would like to attend this kind of colloquium should indicate by liking this post and or commenting on it.

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Do you think the topic is as important as you are projecting it?
Yes, Brother Okere.  Lots of misconceptions and costly mistakes are made here in there in the dating and marriage activities of our people.  I believe we need the information to be readily available so that we can begin to make informed choices in this critical matter of relationships.


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