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Never in the history of consumer promotions in Nigeria nor in the built sector has any company put up such humongous prizes as the ones Dangote Cement promo has been throwing at its consumers nationwide as reward for purchasing its products.

Though the prizes are unprecedented, industry watchers are also not too surprised because Dangote Cement is the leading player not only in Nigeria but in sub-Saharan Africa.

In a manner never witnessed before, it has been a harvest of goodies for loyal customers of the cement giant since July 1, when it launched in Lagos its “Bag of Goodies” national consumer promotion reputed to the biggest ever. By the time the promo comes to an end, over 21 million customers would have been proud winners of one item or the other.

Then the question is, what was on the mind of the management of the company before opting for the huge promotion? Adopting the words of Michael Leboeuf, that “Every company’s greatest assets are its customers because without customers there is no company”, Dangote Cement plc has used the ongoing nationwide promotion to showcase the value it places on its customers.

For the company, customers are its important intangible assets who should be valued, managed, and rewarded for continuous patronage. It is against this backdrop that the company has in the last nine weeks transformed the lives of ordinary Nigerians by presenting to them exceptional gifts of cars, tricycles, plasma televisions, etc.

To make this year’s promo eventful, the company has made available billions of naira worth of prize items. These include 43 brand new cars, cash prizes of N200 million, 24 tricycles, 550 refrigerators, 24 motorcycles, 400 television sets and goodies packs (containing various products from the group’s stables).

Enriching the consumers

Already, many winners have continued to emerge in the promo, which is targeting the end-users of Dangote cement. For example, block-makers, a moin-moin (bean cake) seller, laborers, housewives, job-seekers, an Okada rider, an insurance marketer and artisans have been presented with brand new saloon cars by the management of Dangote Cement plc.

An Abuja-based block-maker, Emmanuel Boye, who won a brand new saloon car in the “Bag of Goodies” promo, never thought he could ever become a car owner in his several years of block-making business.

According to Boye, he sold his car recently to boost his investment in Cement business, only to be rewarded with a new saloon car.

“Sometime this year, I sold my Toyota Corolla in order to boost my business. My wife thought that was a crazy idea. But, I used the proceeds from the car to stock Dangote cement for my block business. Look at me now, I am the proud owner of a brand new car, and my business is booming,” he said.

For Mujahid Shiabu, a laborer at a block-molding site in Lagos Island, who returned from Borno State recently, the saloon car prize presented to him by the Dangote team was the most surprising thing that has ever happened to him.

The dreams of becoming car owners by the lowest income earners in the country could only be made possible through the determination of Dangote Cement plc to ensure all its cement users, regardless of their status, are rewarded for being loyal users of Dangote cement.

The most interesting aspect of this promo is that a consumer may not necessarily purchase a trailer load of cement to emerge a winner. This was the case of Momoh Ali, in Benin, who bought only 10 bags of cement and instantly became an owner of a beautiful new car.

“With just 10 bags of cement, I am now a proud owner of a GAC Saloon car. Today is the happiest day in my life,” he said while being given his prize recently.

It was also a dramatic experience for an Abraka, Delta State-based cement retailer, Benjamin Igherighe, who emerged the grand prize winner.

Narrating how it all happened, Igherighe said he bought a trailer load of cement from a distributor, Fibo Ventures, and looked for loaders to offload the truck. He stated that rainfall disturbed the offloading as the loaders dispersed, which made him to hire two other loaders, remove his shirt, and join them in transferring the cement bags into his store.

According to the elated winner, he took a position inside the truck and was transferring the bags to the loaders on the ground, and in the process, three bags of cement got torn with one hanging on the railings of the vehicle. While scooping and rearranging the torn bags, a “Bag of Goodies” promo scratch card fell out, which he picked and placed inside his pocket. On scratching the card, he said, he saw he had won a saloon car.

“It was like a dream. I called the distributor and she said the promo is real,” he said.

Across all age levels

Dangote Cement plc promo is not targeted at any particular age bracket. It has rewarded both the young and the elderly in the society. Alhaja Nimota Adetoro, a 70-year-old grandma, popularly called Iya oni Moin-moin won the car in Ikirun, Osun State.

Few weeks ago, two others, a 64-year old bricklayer, Iyowun Ezekiel, and a 20-year-old artisan, Godwin Godday, were also presented with the star prizes of GAC saloon cars.

Elated Ezekiel, who is based in IjebuOde, Ogun State, and has been a bricklayer for over 40 years found his prize-winning scratch card in one of the Dangote cement promo bags he bought from a distributor in Ijebu-mushin.

On the other hand, Godday, who is the youngest winner of the star prize so far, found his winning scratch card in a bag of Dangote cement while mixing concrete at a building site in Ikorodu area of Lagos.

More than just a promo

The “Bag of Goodies” promo is not just a promo. The uniqueness of it is in the choice of items being won by the people. The Dangote Cement management reasoned that the company is intentionally empowering its customers through the promo. The cars, tricycles, and motorcycles are items that lift the customers, create additional means of livelihood and improve the economy.

Funmi Sanni, marketing director of the company, said the company would always look for ways to make the customers happy and that the promo was just one of the many other lofty things that have been lined up for the Dangote Cement plc customers.

“Consumers are at the heart of what we do; without them, there is no business. Consumers are important and a fundamental factor of production without which production process is incomplete and our ability to remain in business becomes impossible,” Sanni said.

“To grow our business, we must constantly create value in terms of quality product and service, competitive pricing and depositing in consumers’ emotional bank accounts in order to become their preferred choice of brand at the point of purchase,” she said.

Speaking on the significance of the promo, Joseph Makoju, group managing director of Dangote Cement plc, said the company decided to run the biggest promo ever in Nigeria as a way of contributing to the economic wellbeing of the consumers of its products.

He said the promo is to reward valued consumers for their unflinching partnership in ensuring that “our range of cement products remains today the first choice for construction purposes across the country”.

Makoju added that the consumer promotion gives opportunity for existing and new consumers to get a step ahead of their struggle for economic emancipation by winning any of the giveaway items, which has economic value.

Stakeholders laud promo initiative

The Dangote Cement plc promo has continued to receive commendation from stakeholders across the country.

Presenting the car prize to Sanusi Saíd, a businessman who won in Kano, and a bricklayer, Emmanuel Boye, who won in Abuja recently, the governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, lauded the transparency of the promo and thanked Dangote Cement plc for adequately compensating its customers through the promo.

Represented by Hajiya Binta Lawal Umar, permanent secretary in the state Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives and Tourism, the governor said Dangote, being an honest man, has further demonstrated his honesty with the way and manner the promo was transparently conducted.

He said the government recognized the immense contributions of Dangote Group in helping the nation to grow from strength to strength, adding that they were very happy and proud with what Dangote is doing in the state.

Regulatory commission’s endorsement The National Lottery Regulatory Commission ( NLRC), whose coordinator witnessed a star prize presentation ceremony in Abeokuta, Ogun State recently, commended the transparent process of rewarding the winners and described the promo as unprecedented.

Coordinator of the NLRC, Fasuhanmi Omotayo, said his commission has so far been impressed with the promo and lauded the management of Dangote Cement plc for the gesture of rewarding its cement consumers in such a manner.

He said the transparent nature of the promo was commendable because “what you see on the card is what you win”, adding that the promo, by all measures, has been successful.

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