Curbing covid-19 through the use of new technologies in teaching and learning

School closure has yielded benefit in terms of curbing contact, spread and the effect of the pandemic. But logically speaking, having students at home doing nothing due to covid-19 has adverse effect on the economy in addition to other societal effects. This research project topic suggests that introducing new technologies in teaching and learning can ensure academic continuity, while also managing the risk of contacting the pandemic.

During the pandemic, if you can recall, schools, churches, marketplaces and all public gatherings and travelling were put on hold. But hunger grew more than over before because people could no longer fend for their families. So the rate of robbery, rape and other societal vices grew in their number putting the rich at risk and young people in danger. As recorded by UNESCO, over 166 countries closed schools and universities to limit the spread of the pandemic.

However, recommendations were made; very remarkable was one from NGOs like UNESCO suggesting that distance or remote learning programmes should be applied as well as open education system. This according to them will allow for continuity in the educational systems.

Researchers have studied the impact of remote or distance learning technologies. They found that it has lots of benefits for both the students and their teachers alike. When there are tech-based learning materials, it is easy to connect and learn.

Using new technologies in teaching and learning manages covid-19 associated risks and also ensures continuity in education. That seems to be a better way to improvise, save students from idleness and minimize divided attention especially on social vices.

Another suggestion from researchers is of the view that the use of new technologies in teaching and learning should be applied alongside physical classes. This, according to the researchers will minimize redundancy in the academic system especially in such situation as the pandemic.


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