COVID-19 palliative: Another National Cake That Hooked The Throat Of Govt

In Nigeria, we are all participants of corruption either directly or indirectly, but you see the monsters we have as rulers are the genesis of every problem that bemoans our beloved nation.

I often wonder where lies the emotions of these political beasts where all they could think of is about themselves and their families.

All avenue met for the people are always a medium for them to loot. I could always imagine if they studied a course titled ' Corruptionology and Theifinology' before becoming a leader'.

However, for the records, I could remember during the heat moment of COVID-19 in Nigeria, schools where locked down, movement were restricted and every form of gathering was banned. During this period, most masses were in pains, the tears were in their eyes, they were unable to feed due to the fact that their medium of earning, and to put food on table revolves in an everyday struggle since the so-called government can not offer them a well- meaning job.

Likewise, during that moment the voice of the masses were raised in all social media platforms for the government to assist them with what they could eat to survive since their freedom is limited.

In some ways, COVID-19 palliative was orchestrated with the intent to help the masses out. It was in form of cash and also in the form of eatable substances. During that moment, the President of the Nigeria federation, His excellency Muhammed Buhari made an announcement of how billions of naira have been spent on palliative, an information which got most Nigerians shocked with the question: where, when and how did they share the palliatives?

Unbeknownst to the masses that corruption and embezzlement lies in all corridors of Nigeria.

Ironically, the so-called leaders in most states were helping the masses to save it for Christmas and new year, but unfortunately for the leaders, the End SARS protests have been revealing so many warehouses in most states where COVID-19 palliatives were hidden, and the masses are disbursing their palliatives for themselves. Another national cake indeed that hooked the throat of the government!

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