Court orders IG’s arrest, detention
By Ikechukwu Nnochiri
ABUJA—AN Abuja high court, has , ordered the arrest of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ogbonaya Onovo, for allegedly refusing to comply with a court summon over an unlawful detention of two police corporals, Onyebuchi Eze and Kenneth Chikwe.

Justice Olukayode Adeniyi who issued the bench warrant, also ordered all the law enforcement agencies in the country to comply with the directive, adding that he should be detained in prison custody till

September 2, when the substantive case was adjourned to.

The Abuja high court had, ab-initio, ordered the police boss to personally appear before it, yesterday, to
show cause why he should not be committed to prison for allegedly violating four separate court injunctions, allegedly served on him on August 9, 12, 18 and 20, 2010, with regards to the continued detention of the two accused persons.

The two policemen, alongside one Mr. Austine Duru, were on October 7, 2009, arrested by operatives of the State Security Services, SSS, at Owerri, the Imo State capital, for allegedly collaborating with suspected kidnappers in Anambra State and were subsequently transferred to the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

Though the accused persons are yet to be arraigned before a competent court over the alleged crime since they were arrested in 2009, a human rights organization, the International Human Rights Initiative, however, took the case to court after the first accused, (Onyebuchi Eze), was said to have developed appendicitis while under detention and was denied medical attention by the police.

The rights body applied to the court for an order directing the Police to grant him conditional bail to

enable him go for a surgery, a request that was acceded to by the high court.
Consequent upon failure by the police authorities to comply with the bail order, Justice Adeniyi on August 20, ordered Onovo to appear before him, to explain why the court’s order was not respected.

While issuing the bench warrant, Justice Adeniyi maintained: “Nobody, no matter how highly placed is permitted to hold the court to contempt. This should further show the world that law is no respecter of persons irrespective of position.

“I hereby order the arrest of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ogbonaya Onovo for disobeying the orders of this honourable court and all law enforcement agencies are hereby directed to take notice of this order. He should be arrested and kept in prison custody until he purges himself of the contempt.”
The case was further adjourned till September 2.

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very funny, it's only in Nigeria dat the police chiefs dont obey d court orders and rulings.
Very good, but has he been arrested? and by who?. Waw! Please, every one should know that the law is only made for the poor and the very poor. This law of equality would have been applicable and very effective if RIBADU is the person and officer in charge. You now know the importance of RIBADU. Oga Judge kindly use your orderly and arrest the IG then him and your name will be written in the Guinness book of records. Nigerians will hail you for executing the law.
Let's wait and see what comes out of these. I wonder which police man or security agency would go and arrest 'a whole' inspector General of Police. As if we don't know that Nigeria is lawless.
Very Good of the court to be bold enough to order IG's arrest, but i doubt if such orders will be effected
How can you are the IGP of Nigeria na wa oo wonder shall never end instead of pleading for the authority to consider the sick and detained cop to be granted access for his medical attention, IGP deserved that respect no matter what, please the court should have a rethink and invite the NIgerian IGP FOR COOPERATION SAKE, Cheers
Nkem I did not quite get your contribution. Are you saying that the Judge is wrong because the IG is a big man? Invite a man who has exibited a complete disregard for court orders FOR COOPERATION? Indeed!. I hope I have miscontrued your argument. The bold step taking by the judge is one that would shape the egocentric and educated illitrate Nigerian leaders onto the path of sanity.
You no fit. How can you make such an order? Is it to seek for notice or to score some cheap political points. I agree with you that no one is above the law but haba!
This judge get liver. Who can do such a thing in Nigeria? Let's wait and see.
Dela Lan and Onovos Jnr will go for the arrest, funny country if you have time go through this link and educate ur self more on what is going on in this country
I score the Judge very high. This will signal a warning to others in our society. If the IGP will not obey this simple order then who will show the example. All the same, let us not start the war we cannot finish yet.
If the non-release of police collaborators of kidnapping in South East is the only IG's sin, it is no sin at all for no kidnapper deserves any mercy.
The judege is a joker. What if the boys instead of arresting their oga and arrest the judge for colluding with kidnappers for his order is tantamount to collusion? Is court going to close?


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