New Militant Group in the Niger Delta area springs  against IBB for daring to contest for 2011 elections. Threatening to go after all those pushing for Babangida in the oil and gas region and to make sure  PDP failed in the Niger Delta, giving 100% support for Goodluck Jonathan!



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@chukwu get d information very clear,d militant in d n/delta does hav any constitutional backing to stop IBB,they only addres raymond dokpesi 4 allowing IBB to use him as campaige manager, do research before commenting on issues.
My Broda, we are not quarreling rather. If they threaten to stop IBB or Raymond Dokpesi 4 allowing IBB to use him as campaign manager or obviously against the presidential ambition of former military ruler, Ibrahim Babangida. what are they actually doing? I think you should get the mental picture here and as well go via this link Thank you.
@okafor,asumption & assertion are two different things, d writer only presume(he said; it appears),he did nt assert it.pls go through ur write again,ur write up state; if he "dares" pls go through dat write up again then compare it with ur write up,tanks.
Laughs! maybe this time i am to ask if you are from that area. Sorry anyway, may be you should tell me wish one i am using or used. I don't work in a media house and I think you should clear me on these words again "daring and "threaten". Right ! you said the writer only presumed and i was only asking from my comment "is this what the writer presumed?
@okafor,i don't hav anytin against ur title,but d way u use some comment in ur write up,does nt explain d intrisic meaning of what d other writer was try 2 nt about my area is about the future of my dear country nigeria.IBB was there b4,what significant thing, done by him that nigerians wil live to remember positively.


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