Members of the Judicial Service Commission should investigate urgently the allegation that Mr. Johnson Shakarho a high court judge in Oyo state was offered N50M bribe by Chief Alao Akala, the governor of the state, to vacate the interim injunction against him.  Recall that there was an injunction against Alao Akala restraining INEC from recognising him as the PDP governorship candidate in the forth coming April pools.  It was only last week that the injunction was vacated.

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The judiciary is corrupt and this ugly trend is not somthing that is new. The NJC is aware of the compromises this corrupt judges do that undermine the judiciary but somtimes they look the other way. Lets hope they will not try to play this down just as they did with the allegation of Justice Salami against the CJN
wot hope for d democracy nd wit ppl's money. so much for corruption fight.
I believe much in Nigeria judiciary and i think there are more than meet the eyes in Akala's case. The case should be properly investigated because the man called Akala is a master schemer.Maybe the judge was threaten under duress to pass judgement in his favour or something else. Akala went as far as roping Folarin into murder case to show his desperation to break the record and rule Oyo for second term so he will not leave any stone unturned.
But if the judge collected the bride truely, the NBA should teach him how not to disgrace the system by seizing his license and prosecuting him.
This is litimus case for the judiciary. The entire nation is watching.


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