The essence of National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) is to get "Corpers" acquainted with the challenges they'll be facing in the labour market, creating a consciousness of good humanitarian service, that in turn, help to better the Nigerian society at large.

It was John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”; this is the case of David Oluwatobiloba Adeyemi, a Microbiology graduate of the Ajayi Crowther University who is at the tail end of completing is compulsory one year National Youth Service in Oyo state.

Shortly after arriving the Oyo West LGA, Oyo State where he was posted to serve his fatherland, Adeyemi revealed that on different occasions, he had been fortunate to escape from being a victim of vehicle causing accidents at the junction at Awumoro Area of the LGA.

“This is simply because the road had no diversion, paintings on the road to indicate directions for motorists and all, so someone coming to that place for the first time would likely pass a one way and collide with another vehicle or motorcycle coming from the other sharp end.

I took surveys and I got to find out that the issue came from the center of the road, there was previously an island there and it got spoilt over time.”

The “Oyo Koppa” immediately knew that he had an important mission at the Local government which was to assist the government in saving lives of people there.

Sometimes depriving himself of food and some vital personal stuffs, the next 8 month would see Adeyemi saving up a part of his already meagre allawee coupled with fundraised from friends on the social media and Community members to carry out a Community Development Project involving the construction of a “Safe Zone Intersection Axis”.

The “Safe Zone Intersection Axis” is a construction that helps coordinate the flow of traffic, reduce the risk of accidents, promote the safety of the indigenes and also beautify the environment.

A passionate Oluwatobiloba speaks further on the project and the challenges encountered:

“The Safe Zone Intersection Axis consists of signs and Safe Zones Markings where motorists and people can safely wait in turns while another motorist is coming thereby reducing the 5 conflict points in that road.

I am extremely happy about the success of this project which began just with a thought. I sacrificed a lot for it but I am glad it became a reality with a little savings from my allawee and kind donations from friends, well wishers on social media and the community.”

However, Adeyemi is not new to innovative ideas, his pilot project the Ecogenic Solution Systems, which promises to transform wastes into household multipurpose cleaner is still in the offing and was put on a hold just to achieve this newly completed project for the people of Oyo state.

In summary, I think Corper Adeyemi has laid a good legacy for his fellow corp members and other predecessors to follow via his philanthropic moves to be agent of transformation during his service year. It is high time Corpers stopped chasing shadow and start facing the realities around them. Dear Corper, I leave you with this, what legacy would you be remembered for? Don't leave NYSC without leaving a mark on the people in your place of primary assignment. Think about this!

Your fellow compatriot,
Arogbonlo Israel

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Commendable project. Well done bro


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