to defend d rights and priviledge of corp members across d nation, there is need to established an alutaristic body which will see to d affairs of corp members. Enough is enough 2 all dis injustice being melted on our prestigious corp members as d DG cannot fight 4 us bt is we dat can fight 4 ourselves. According 2 d fmr Speaker MAPOLY SRC,he said there are so many abnormalities in d NYsc scheme starting 4rm d orientation camps, corp members were just being maltreated in term of feeding and other necessity. If d NASS can implement it as a matter of urgency 'Nigerian Association of Corp members(NACOM) in d act of Nysc,i believe no body will infringe on our rights again..

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We do not need another legal framework to support the NYSC scheme.  What we have presently is enough to protect it.  All the is needed is to hold governors of states in which they are serving responsible for the protection and safety and to ensure that anyone who harms them under any guise pays dearly for it..
my dear broda u knw nigerian politician, dey will nt react except der family is involved.


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