Americans are not fools...A doomsday prediction was issued on Nigeria, 20(15) to be precise and those that work the country could not hold their breath for one second to analyse this, but say “GOD forbid”…is Abdulmutallab key to the design?… will the return of “the Bionic president” if they succeed in pulling it through be the last but not final straw…? “GOD help Nigeria” or “GOD forbade?”

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Innocent, GOD is a GOD of order and orderliness; I don’t believe GOD controls the affairs of Nigeria. Believe me, it is not "only GOD" that can help Nigeria. GOD has done HIS part by blessing us abundantly. The recent earthquake in Haiti made me thank GOD for blessing Nigeria so much that we do not have all these natural disasters, landslide, typhoons, earthquakes etc. GOD has given all man(including woman) a will called "free will" which even includes freedom to serve GOD (what a magnanimous GOD) and as well freedom to choose our way of live most especially people who are custodians of the community we live in.

PS. Do you notice how many times “GOD” was used in the above, some use it to abuse our sense of the GOD factor. A lot of crime and ignoble acts to humanity has been perpetrated by the use of this name and we need to disabuse our minds from this craze, most especially in Nigeria.
God helps those who helps themselves. God has already given you all the wealth and also there are no natural disasters in NIgeria. Yet the people are so improverished cos the cabals that rule the country impose their will on the mass. God will help you if you start something such as enough is enough and revolt. enough said.
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