The community building is the immediate need of Niger Delta communities; the communities lag behind in physical revitalization, health system, economic development, education, general welfare and security.  Honest dialogue between community and youth leaders of the local producing communities, oil companies and government towards resolution of the crisis. These are what community building should address in the context of Niger Delta issue. The physical revitalization is physical evidence of recovery of new life and visible improvement in the quality of life of the community and Sustainable development and growth to meet the needs of the community and improve their economy values. Design vocational education for the youths of the community . Design vocational education for the youths of the community to provide the necessary skills for a specific job or career to empower them for hire.


The communities deserve good drinking water, health system, roads and good infrastructure, the communities has suffered negative social and economic impacts, food shortages, malnutrition and roads are in terrible conditions.


Humanity should not be the feeling of an individual or non- profit organizations alone finding solutions and empathy for human race issues, rather it should be public principle to act upon.

Started by Ayodele fashemi

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