Common Nigerian Customs Service Past Questions and Answers|

Here are few Questions and answers on the Nigerian Custom service. For full version in PDF or MS Word format,kindly purchase below;

  1. What is the official Twitter handle of the Nigerian custom service?


2.The Nigeria Customs Service statutory functions can be broadly classified into HOW MANY CATEGORIES?

ANS=> 2 main categories namely, core and other functions

3.Where is the Nigeria Customs Service Headquarter Located?

ANS=> Abidjan Street,Wuse,P.M.B. 26,Zone 3,Abuja – FCT Nigeria

4.The Core Functions of the NCS are;


  • Collection of Revenue i.e. Import and Excise Duties and Accounting for same
  • Prevention and suppression of smuggling

5. In what year was the Board of Customs & Excise set up ?

ANS=> 1 June, 1972

6.The NCS Board _____


  • Minister of Finance (Chairman)
  • The Comptroller General of Customs (Vice Chairman)
  • A representative from Fed. Min. of Commerce
  • A representative of Ministry of Transport
  • A representative of Ministry of Industries
  • A representative of Ministry of Finance
  • A representative of National Universities Commission
  • Chairman Federal Inland Revenue Board
  • Serving DCGs of Customs
  • The Legal Adviser of NCS
  • Secretary to the Board (Secretary)

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