Code to Borrow Cash from MTN Nigeria - Get Instant Loan

Good news, You can now borrow money from MTN Nigeria and pay back later. This is possible through a new value added service called MTN XtraCash.

MTN also has similar loan services such as XtraTime and Xtrabyte which are used for borrowing Airtime and Internet Data respectively but however this new online loan scheme on the MTN Network has really got many subscribers excited.

This post will explain some FAQs, features of MTN XtraCash service and How it Works;

What is MTN XtraCash
MTN XtraCash is a service that allows eligible customers access short-term Micro Credit loans via a USSD platform from their mobile phones.

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Is it possible too make an online request? And is there a chance for me to get a loan with no credit history? I want to buy my first car but I'm a fresh employee. I can afford to pay the mothly the loan but there are a lot of requirements that I might not meet. But I also know that the bank are more strict when it comes to borrowing, that's why I need a credit company. Another question is if it's possible to borrow money from outside Nigeria? I friend of mine took money from a Finnish company that he found online but I'm too far from Finland and they won't give it to me. If someone's from Europe, check There's a lot of information about loans.

I think that when it comes to borrowing money (or even placing them), banks are more secure and you can get a better deal from them. Credit companies can easily change something from the contract. The banks have an image to maintain

Good article and valuable opinions. I would say that everything has its price. Banks may be more secure, but they request a lot of documents and make you wait for weeks or even months. If you think this is great, try to apply when you really need money urgently. Loan companies like payday loans in nc declare a higher interest rate but the pros will be that they react immediately and normally don't look at the credit history. Basically you have to pay in life for everything, in this or that manner.


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