As December 25th approaches black people across the globe gears up to give Satan another vote of confidence. For centuries black people continued to endorse satan in jesus manifestation as their god just like they been doning to other sub gods. The fact is that jesus is for the white, Islam for the Arabs, and Budism for the Asians, these sub conflicting gods undoubtedly has served their people well while reigning miseries, suffering, poverty, discrimination [racism] on black race. My taking is that it is time black people rethink and resurrates  to worshiping their God the Originator the GOD of their ancestors. It is time black people understand that the gods they are serving today does not recognize their existent and so will continue to keep them in the slammer of bondage. When you are serving a master that do not have your interest the best thing to do is abandon the master, it been too long black people have abandon their God to worshipping foreign gods. It is time black people understand that no matters the sweet songs they sing, and how loud their hand clapping echos in those satanic buildings their God the Originator is far from those pulpits. The misfortunes of black people home and abroad will never end untill they go back to worshiping God of their ancestors, the Originator, the creator of lives and the designer of the universe. "Am there for you, come home my people and i will give you enternal rest, where celebration is forever and suffering, poverty and insecurity will be thing of the past" The world will not end until black people finds their way back home to the open arm of their God the ORIGINATOR.  

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