Yesterday in jos christians attack some muslim faithfuls as they were leaving the Eid ground (prayer ground). But the most unfortunate fact is that security operatives were there watching helplessly as those terrorist slaughtered and massacred many. However, what a pity, not even one suspect was as apprehended despite the heavy presence of the security morons. This is a well planned and executed slaughter and massacre of innocent unarm muslims by some barbarics which were supervised by The Nigerian Police Force and some other security apparatus. Just imagine what the Headline would look like if muslims should have done this. Any reprisal from muslim community in jos would be term as an act of Terror. Whenever christians or jews kill muslims they are not terrorist. But only when muslims retaliate that they are called TERRORIST with a capital T. This type of jungle justice will not lead us anywhere in fact, it is the cause of the present problem the world is facing.

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