Project supervisors are meant to assist you through your undergraduate research journey and even further if you wish; that's why you need one when you are all set to embark on research in the university. However,  you either have to make the choice and have the choice made for you; its just so important to have one.

Research are mostly deliberate and require a rigorous approach which students, if left alone, will hardly follow through without supervision. Even though it doesn’t turn out favourable to students alike, it is necessary to guide you on choosing and working with a project supervisor.

Check out some free project topics in your field

There are three approaches to choosing a project supervisor;

  • Choose a research topic and checks which lecturer is best in handling that field of research as supervisor.

  • Choose a project supervisor first, then let him/her help you out with choosing research topic.

  • Choose a project topic, get it approved and then a supervisor is assigned to you.

All of these approaches varies with climes, institutions, course of study and the mud us operandi of the department or Faculty of study.

By the way, choosing a supervisor or have one chosen for you is not a problem solved, it’s a whole journey of relationship building just to make things work out easy for your research. While you have your own role to play, your project supervisor also has a role to play

Role of a project supervisor

  • Guide you on the choice of research topic

  • Guide and assess your research objectives to meet achievable research goals

  • Meet and discuss with you on intervals about your research

  • Assess your work so far, offer advice on the presentation of written expression

  • Write commentaries and notable corrections you need to make in your project.

  • Pay attention to your research needs like books and resources that will aide the research.

Working with a project supervisor

Sometime it feels totally strange to work out your research with a Lecturer as your supervisor. So here are tips to help you fight your fears;

  • Establish a relationship with your project supervisor

  • Try to understand their schedule and stick to it

  • Keep to time of appointments

  • Supervisors love to be rewarded; you can start with a gift

  • Feel free to raise questions and try to make the discussion open ended

  • Never take the closeness for granted; show some respect .

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