Choked to death — Man remanded for killing lover during s3x romp

A man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter after he killed his lover by choking her to death in what he claims was a rough sex game that went wrong.

Man dies in a sex romp with a widow in Anambra -

Sam Pybus, 31, admitted killing Sophie Moss, 33, who was found in a critical condition following an incident at a property in Darlington, United Kingdom in February. Miss Moss was taken to hospital but was tragically pronounced dead later, according to Daily Mail reports.

Pybus was charged with murder but entered a not guilty plea, which was accepted by the prosecution at Teesside Crown Court on Friday. He admitted ‘unlawful killing’ and pleaded guilty to manslaughter during his court appearance, wearing a grey suit and white shirt.

Pybus said he “applied hand pressure” to Miss Moss’s neck and agreed that this action is what killed her. But he said this was with her consent during sex, and said they had engaged in this sexual activity previously.

Sam Green QC, representing Pybus, said: “The defendant has informed his legal team that he will plead guilty on the basis of – One: he accepts that he applied hand pressure to the neck of Sophie Moss.

“She consented to that hand pressure as part of the sexual activity that she and Sam Pybus were engaging in and she had done so previously.

“Two: he accepts that the pressure applied to her neck on this occasion caused her death.

“Three: he had no intention of harming her or causing her injury.”

He asked for a pre-sentence report to be prepared due to “matters relating to his personal life and background”.

Pybus will be sentenced on September 7.

He was remanded in custody.

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