China Wedding Anniversary: Folorunso Aluko celebrates wife, Dr. Olukemi

Legend & Pearl:- Living by Love, growing in Love- 20 years is a goal.

Coming together at the University was the beginning, marriage- the vow was progress, and staying together in love for these sweet 20 years is huge success. Ours is a story of love. To God be the glory.

I remember vividly when we first set eyes on each other at the University and began this relationship.

It started like a joke and then “the play play turned to serous relationship”.

We thereafter took it to the Next Level and tied the nuptials. And now, 20 years after we are blissfully together in our home, blessed.

We went through different phases of life, but we are still in love much more than when we started.

We are more than conquerors.

We are blessed.
We have peace.
We have joy.
We have love

We made the choice to love each other every single day of our lives with everything we have and everywhere we go.

Pearl is an ideal wife, sister, mother and friend.

Pearl is adorable
Pearl is virteous
Pearl is intelligent
Pearl is strong
Pearl is stylish
Pearl is fantastic
Pearl is amazing
Pearl is sweet

My grand dame
My love, my sunshine
My mejor amiga
My mejor amante
My migliori amiche
My ragazza dolce
My meilleurs amis
My amie de coeur
My amie intime
My moya dorogaya

My Iyawo atataa
My Ore tooto,
My alabaro
My eyin oma
My nwayin oma
My nmuo ozi
My mata ta gari
My babban aboki
My baby gel
My love
My Darling
My Pearlie

Mummy Mofi
Mummy Moyin
Mummy Mofope
Mummy M3

What again can I say than to say, thank you God for giving me a good wife and by this obtaining your favour. Hallelujah is my song always.

Pearl, I promise, and make this vow once again, to love you always for the rest of my life, with everything I have, everywhere I go.

Folorunso ALUKO,
[email protected] Governors Forum.

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