THE Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ogbonna Onovo, on Wednesday, dispatched a team of detectives, led by Deputy Inspector General of Police, (D Dept), Mr. Israel Ajao, to interrogate Tunde Oyediran, driver of the late Chief Dipo Dina, who was murdered on Monday evening.

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The Police is quizzing the innocent people on this case, because to my own little knowledge, the hire assassin who killed chief Dina Dipo will not be around Ogun State by now, but they leep chasing innocent people. Just take a look at Bola Ige issue, uptil today the killer have not been brought to book. Am just telling the public that OUR NIGERIA police can NEVER and NEVER brought to book the people in question.
As if they don't know the assassins. They sholud please deluding us. I refused to be blindfolded by NPF any more.
have nigeran police got it right before? of caues the hire assassin are still moving free in this conutery
In as much as it is a fact all over the world that the public hardly like the police, please let us give them a bit of time to carry out thier investigation. I hope they will come out with good result being a high profile case. However Bad policing is not restricted to only Nigeria.
Too many 'politically' motivated killings (am sure the Nigerian Police will say this is an armed robbery case). Too much job of investigation and unravelling for the Nigerian Police to do. The way it is going, soon, each Nigerian Policeman will be incharge of one murder case or the other. What I think we should do is to allow God to judge all culprits in his own way. This is because, I cannot see any new thing coming out of this recent murder of DD (as was fondly called by his friends). The family should just take it the way it has come and move on. My prayer is that God should give them the grace to bear this major loss.
Let's wait and see. But definitely, people's cup of patience will get filled up one day. God will deliver us soon.
The death of Chief Dina is so unfortunate. Nigeria Police should do everything possible to fish out the killer. His death must have been politically motivated. When will thid madness stop for God's sake! God help Nigeria!
Good morning all, I am very happy to all that are repond to this discussion God bless u all.
Nice Post......


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