Without sentiments, who will actually take our football to d next level?

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I don't know about u but i think Siasia will do a clean Job
The best coach on the planet cannot do anything with the Nigerian squad at this moment in time. The key problem is not just the sport that is in total meltdown, the whole structure of the society has a lot to do with everything, including sports in general. Nigeria needs a total overhaul by having clear strategies with the government of Nigeria. Once Nigeria has credible people in government then the right people will be in place. Nigeria needs patriotic leaders not pot belle ones. Nigeria needs someone that have clear plan for sports in general. Sports men and women thrive in a conducive environment. Infrastructure is key to develop good competitive sports men and women. Come to the UK and you will see how the east end of London is been redevelop to make dream a reality. This is a country that already possesses one of the best sporting complexes in the world. They are adding to it. All pot belle thieves in Nigeria do is to loot the treasury. Funds that should be used to develop the nation used as personal wealth. Nigeria has thousands of overnight billionaires without any viable means. A coach cannot perform miracle when there are no tools to work with. Nigerians needs to make these thieves accountable. They should not be afraid to die.

football is a great sport which just needs more development.


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