Check out the simple ways to fix computer disk boot failure

Indeed, technology has developed in the last few years and one of its greatest developments includes computers. Computers are one of those devices which have made it easier for users to perform various online activities at the comfort of their house.

Besides, being an incredible device, there are chances that some users might face some difficulty with the device. And one such common issue includes computer disk boot failure. Fortunately, one can easily fix this issue in time by following some simple solutions provided in this article. 

However, before heading on with the solutions to fix the disk boot failure issue, let's know a bit about the cause of this issue. 

Cause of computer disk boot failure issue

Disk boot failure issue error takes place when BIOS is unable to find a bootable drive to start the device. Further, if the user is unable to fix this issue in time then it can also lead to various other problems like blue screen of death, system crash and more. 

Ways to fix computer disk boot failure issue

Well, this sort is quite common among people who use computers regularly. Before heading on with the solutions, it is suggested to the users to create a backup for their files and folders. After that, the user can try the quick fixes listed below: 

  • Reset or replace the battery of your device
  • Further, one can check whether the CD or USB is connected to the computer properly or not. 

If the user is unable to fix this issue in time even after trying these simple fixes then, one can try out the advanced solutions provided below or contact computer tech support for required help. 

    1. Ensure whether the hard disk is corrupted or not 

  • For this process, the user needs to insert the installation disk and boot it. 
  • After that, the user is required to navigate to the repair option and select the command prompt option. 
  • In the command prompt, the user is required to enter chkdsk /r c: in the space and click on Enter. 
  • Further, the user is required to click on Y to run the program and fix the issue in time. 

     2. Check whether a new hard drive has been installed

  • In a few cases, such issues arise when a new hard drive is installed in the device. 
  • So, in such cases, the users are suggested to users to simply insert the Windows CD and reboot their device. 

Still, if the issue persists, they can feel free to touch with support for computer for required any concern and fix this issue in time. 

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