Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

Surely what if………….


What if your career dream is to be a………………Pilot?





PIXXON INT’L/PEAIA offer opportunities for students in pursuing University Level Education through helping them make right choices in their academic career towards preferable Institutions.

Whether you are looking for an undergraduate or postgraduate placement opportunity, we will fuel your ambition with the encouragement, training and support to satisfy your own aspirations.

Study visas: Ukraine, Malaysia, Cyprus and the UK

Tourist: Ukraine, Cyprus, South Africa, China, Malaysia and Dubai

In order to expand our reach, we need agents as our local offices with various connections into high schools, Universities and colleges.

Contact: visit us at

+2348138352355, +23414178380, +23418970940, +2348033919263


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Private European Academic Institutions Agency

Bakulina 11, Office 3-50, 3-51

P.O. Box 4186 Kharkov 61166, Ukraine.

Telephone/Fax: +380936445407, +380991126145

[email protected]


NOTE: We now offer scholarship programs to 3 students in a year.

Apply immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



At Pixxon international, you can be confident that there will be always be someone to turn to as you progress through your studies. We understand that you will need time to adapt to living and studying in Europe and we are here to help you throughout your study in Europe. We are committed to helping you make the right choices so that your time in Europe will be both satisfying and rewarding. We offer a wide range of high quality courses across disciplinary and professional areas; and all are designed to give you that extra edge in the professional world.

Courses been offered are as follows

Maritime Faculties ,The Faculty of Mining Industry ,The Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering, The Mechanical Engineering Faculty ,The Energetical Faculty ,The Faculty of Computer Information Technology and Automatics ,The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Laser and Optoelectronic Engineering Faculties, The Faculty of Chemistry and Technology ,The Faculty of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications ,The Faculty of Economics and Management ,The Physical and Metallurgical Faculty ,The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Information Science ,Center for the Development of Professional Skills and Personnel's Retraining ,Civil Aviation Faculties ,Civil Engineering & Construction Faculties ,Food Technologies Faculties ,Biomedical Engineering Faculties, Oil & Gas Engineering Faculties, Law Faculties ,Business Administration, Finance Studies,

Pedagogical Faculties ,Doctoral & Research Studies ,Agrarian Faculties ,Agricultural Faculties ,Faculties of Arts & Social Sciences, Faculties of Architecture & Planning, Faculty of General Medicine ,Faculty of Dentistry ,Faculty of Pharmacy ,Faculty of Postgraduate Education ,Faculty of Nursing.

Courses are offered both in English and Russian/Ukrainian Media. Tuition Fees ranges between 2500-5000 dollars per year varying from different areas of specialty and courses as well as institutions. Degrees are internationally recognized.

For more information please visit our official website online at www. peaia.com, www.poland-ukraine-universities.com and www.pixxoninternational.com




·         Valid International Passport

·         Secondary School Results (Mathematics & English Compulsory at Credit /Average Level).

·         Birth Certificate

·         Testimonial

·          Birth certificate


·         Invitation letter/letter of admission

·         Other Visa requirement:

·         Statement of account

·         Insurance

·         Medical Certificate of fitness

·         Confirmation of results from the ministry of education

·         Legalization

·         Translation of all documents to the country`s home language.



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