Here is an awakening of power,which has been lying dormant, and has been neglected with impunity and without respect by our leaders-power of the people. At least,some of our African leaders,if not all,are beginning to realize that power belongs to God,and then,to the people. The people are using this their power, forcefully if the need be,to effect changes for the betterment of the society. It has happened in Tunisia and Egypt and,it is happening now in Libya. The next? Nigerian leaders and PDP,please BE CAREFUL!

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Change is the only thing that is constant in life.  Life is all about change.  Anyone who refuses to acknowledge that is fooling himself.  We can use our votes to make the change we want.  All of should be involved.
Where it is unadvoidable a change must come that is what is happening in the Arab countries. They are tired of autocracy from sit tight leaders
The kind of mass revolution that happened in both Tunisia and Egypt may not happen in this country because of tribal sentiment that we worship here. Nigerians think first of their tribe before their country. Abacha and IBB had a lot of support from the North despite their totalitarian rule beecause nigerians see themselves first as either yoruba,hausa or igbo before nigerians. This is reason why an igbo man who has lived in lagos all his life can never dream of becoming a ward councillor let alone governor.
Maybe Nigerian would wake up one day and see one another as brother as you said change is inevitable. By then we can be thinking of such mass revolution against any bad government.


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