“Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.” – Robert Kennedy

We are in a generation where change is the most used and powerful word on daily basis, but countless people are afraid to change. The word change in the Oxford dictionary simply means ‘to become different, or to make something or somebody different’.

Change is a recurring phenomenon that spans across every sphere of life. Be it academics, religions, sciences, arts, sports, politics, relationships and others, change is sure to occur at different points in time. It is suggested that change is the only permanent phenomenon, constant and most times irreversible. The fact that, as changes occur in the natural world so do changes occur in human society: evolution. There is spiritual change and there is a physical change. No human society is relatively static or can maintain a static disposition for too long as the spiritual change is present everywhere at once and is an inevitable phenomenon.

In his own view, Tony Fahkry added that “Change is the process of life, despite the unknown path ahead. The willingness to change is crucial in any transformation since it's set into motion what will soon become.”

In order to succeed, triumph, and fulfill our purpose in life we must take risks and that means we have to change. Robert Kennedy, a renowned writer, who spoke on change based on the context of politics, added that, “only way to make progress as a nation is to change our point of view, to change the way we govern ourselves, to change certain laws that are unfair, and change the way we deal with the bad guys.”

Moreover, the words of this renown man can be applied to any aspect of life, be it education, social, spiritual, religion, business, etc. For instance, in my career as a pastor and teacher, I can say that change is the costliest thing that is needed and done the least. On many occasions, people fade out of their way to greatness just to avoid change which they need to accomplish and fulfill their vision. Beloved, change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change and give you another meaning.

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