Change in Political Administration and its Impact on the Economy

As our faces are different so is our vision and methodology; all the presidents Nigeria has had have their own goal before becoming the president of Nigeria; these differences ranges from the time of general Sani Abacha to the time of Buhari; all these are still for the better things to come for Nigeria. These changes in political administration has significant effect on the economic development of Nigeria through shift in vision and methodology of rulership.

Nigeria; under the administration of president Jonathan, had the vision of actualizing the transformation agenda; this program was not completed.

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General Muhammadu Buhari’s primary goal is to eradicate corruption in Nigeria; which left the transformation agenda by the former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan abandoned; the fight for corruption is just in circles as nothing has being achieved from it; so many changes is going on in Nigeria right now; under the general Buhari administration a lot has happened such as the dollar increment, the increase in price of petroleum, eradication of ghost workers etc. Buhari has being in the office for 100 days with few achievements; some of these achievement are:

1. Renewed Vigour in the War against Boko Haram

2. Appreciable Improvement in Power Supply in Various Parts of the Country

3. Mending of Nigeria’s Fractured Relationship with the World Powers

4. Prioritizing Regional Cooperation

5. Returning Discipline to the Polity

The philosophy of this administration is yet to be understood by the people; the voices of the people was that the PDP regime is far more preferable than the APC regime; they went on to accused the president (Buhari) of being too slow to in the approach of governance.

Nigeria has always been very adaptive; things are never constant in Nigeria; from the pursuit of a particular goal by a president to the pursuit of another goal by another president. The APC regime is yet to fully understand the way the country is being run by the former opposition party (PDP); this has really caused set-backs and critique to this administration.

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