Who is to Blames BOKO HARAM Activists,while We havent SECURITIES in Our dear country(NIGERIA)?

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while we accept that we have security challenges in our country it should not be seen as an excuse to destroy valuable lives and properties. The sect has gone too far, they should be held calpable
what is our possible solution,is it division or peace,if we continue to ruin blame ,her country will be stagnant.peace thats all we asked
As a Nigerians, we all have to work together toward a common gold, that is ‘PEACE‘ whether you are boko haram, security agent or not in this time of need. And we can achieve this through an open dialoque and proper orientation.
I do not think that division can solve our problem. Bcos if we can not maintence peace and security stability in our noble country now, i don‘t think even if we are divided, we can do it. It‘s better we start thinking of the other way around now. We can do it.


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