Excellentia humana et patriae opus- a latin expression which means flowering of human life and service to fatherland.this is what ought to guide our lives i.e SERVICE TO NIGERIA.But it worrisome the spate at which some defraud our nation and convert common good to their personal pockets...where is the service?not only at that,some fools went ahead to celebrate someone who's convicted of stealing and imprisoned as if he won lottery even a church...o ma se o. Well no surprise cos all of them are thieves.time will tell

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@Bridget.Now u are talking. Good governance,equal right and justice,and a place,where criminals wil not be celebrated celebrities,wil not come by chance. It needs action-a forceful one. Even God used this on Pharoah.

Bridget Nzeribe said:
We'll continue to rejoice with these criminals as long safety measures are not put in place.l've disclosed the way out but most people see it as an offense.let's introduce the Rawlings system then all these cases of lunatic criminals will not leave to see the next day.
I think ive started to get angry about Nigeria leaders.They are shameless. They are a disgrace.Bridget I think a modified version of your Rawlings style will just be good for these demented people.Why should Bode George be celebarated.In a decent and normal society, that guy will have moved out of prison quietly and will stay out the rest of his life time very calmly.You will soon see the thief with microphone talking to people of Lagos to vote PDP to power in Lagos-hahahaha.I THINK WE ARE IN ANOTHER PLANET.
How i wish nigeria is like the advanced european world in which 'just a scandal and allegation' is enough for people to resign and go into low lifestyle until they can get the populace to trust them again.a society where the morals,values,ethos of humanity are not only enshrined but promoted. Bridget is right. Revolution of the mind ways and manners of living...time will tell

Our society adores wealth no matter where it comes from.  Look around your community, people who worked hard to become wealthy do not crave for titles.  It is only those who made cheap money through stealing and looting that go for all the titles in the world.  Our people worship them and accord them all the respect they can have.  This will continue to be the trend until our society begins to appreciate hard work and reward it appropriately.


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