A nation cannot progress when the judiciary is consciously promoting culture of impunity and reckelesness.If the law is not deterring criminals from offending or breaching public trust,it then becomes an instruments of state oppression.Serving only the interest and massaging inflated ego of the elites.This is not Justice!

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I agree with you THIS IS NO JUSTICE. So much pains have been inflicted on persons who genuinely invested much in the bank, only for money to be looted for personal aggrandizement. The question now is those assets purportedly to be forfeited and given to AMCON will it bring succor to the investors? Does it mean that 1.9....Billion naira asset an individual stole could be treated with such levity of just 6months? This goes to show that our criminal justice system is skewed to promote substance that will continue to breed breach of public trust and misplacement of confidence whether it is called plea bargain or some other names.
If she is guilty, she should go to prison and feel the pain of mosquito bite.Because noboby is above the law, and the law is no respecter of anybody.
if she is innocent then God will help her and set her free.
This is beyond human comprehension,why should this woman mismanaged depositors & investor's money & whent ahead to acquired properties worth over 90 billion naira,this is outright wickedness.the court should have order for the sales of the properties & invest the money, back into the bank cos that is where she stole the money from, in order to boost the confidence of the investors & depositors.I wil leave this question for the judge to answer;please sir,how will the management of the properties by AMCON affect the investors & the depositors of the bank?
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IF you break the law you should go to Jail..Period.
There are people who have spent years awaiting trial for stealing a goat..
If we dnt know the true definition of justice b4 now, we can c it in practice now. Punishment is nt meant for only d 'poor'. She should face the tune of the music. He who dont want to invite lizard should not come home with firewood that has termites..... It may sound painful because it concerns a notabl figure. Rule of law in action!
I bet the judge in this case has been greased well well to be so lenient to a BIG FAT fish criminal. Very sad, because it's gonna be along time before Nigeria is reformed.


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