Finding one specific cause of hair loss in humans could be challenging; a number of factors add up to hair loss which also requires a corresponding remedy to bring it back to normal. In females, hair loss is wrongly attributed to poor hair treatment, use of bad hair relaxer, shampoo and conditioner, use of too many artificial hair treatments and all the misconceptions. For men, they mostly see it as a natural phenomenon and do not mind spending their last to make-up for it.

Perhaps these thoughtful assumptions are not totally out of place; actually they are few out of the many causes of hair loss. Healthy hairs says a lot about a healthy life; men who have grown healthy hair strands in their arms, legs, chest, abdomen, face and scalp often look very attractive, particularly when it is soft and wavy. Ladies who have dark silky hair strands over their scalp are always adorable and can proudly flaunt their hair with passion; those who seem to be unfortunate about their hair take to wearing wigs to keep up.

In case you’ve been wondering why your hairs can’t look as healthy as others, here are some of the common causes of hair loss.

Genetic factors

We must be careful not to mistake genetic attributes for our personal faults; some hair loss syndromes are due to genetic components and if it must be corrected, it requires a corresponding genetic correction.

In April 14, 2010, Science Daily gave a report from the Columbian University Center that a new cause of hair loss has been discovered. From the report, the genetic hair disorder is caused by a gene identified as APCDD1; it is noticed to cause hair loss from childhood. This genetic disorder, known as follicle miniaturization is usually accompanied with a bald thin hair inhibiting further growth of hair strands due to some hormonal disorder.

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Protein deficiency  

If your body system is lacking in protein, you are likely to experience hair loss. Recall that protein-rich-meals help to repair worn out tissues and cell and also help to stimulate all round healthy growth including healthy hairs.

Poor vitamin level

Vitamins contribute to skin regeneration and growth. Specifically, vitamin D is responsible for the production of follicle- the tiny pores through which health strands grow out. When you are deficient of vitamin D, your hairs are likely not to have enough air and space to growth out, even when they do, they look unhealthy.


Changes in hormones

Emotional, psychological deviations can result to hair loss; such situations as pregnancy, menopause, menstruation, puberty, depression, anxiety etc. usually promote hair loss. The hormone responsible for hair loss is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and it happens in both male and female.

Women who have attained menopause often experience decrease in some hormonal growth, making them more sensitive to DHT which stimulates hair loss. Since a typical menopause begins at 50 or 60 at most, it signals also that aging is a significant cause of hair loss.

Remedies for hair loss

Although hair loss should be corrected following a corresponding treatment, some remedies for hair loss include:

Good and regular hair treatment

Good nutrition, especially vitamin D rich meals for skin and hair regeneration

Hair growth supplements   see trendohealthtips for reviews

Genetic correction (requires medical attention)

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I can imagine that hair loss can be way too unpleasant. I hope you managed to see the doctor and find the reason of such. Meanwhile you can try to hide the imperfections that this condition might create by changing your hair style. I found this source for you where you can see some really nice haircuts.


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