Carry me dey go my husband house : Prayer has been Answered


Recall the video of young women singing "carry me dey go,  Baba carry me dey go my husband house' that went viral a week ago?  

Well well , It looks like the prayer of the one the girls looking for husband has been answered.

 Two men were spotted on the street  of twitter arguing  over one of the girls .

@ Victor C. Chimereze wrote

 "Please someone should help me locate this lady... her husband's house might not be far from her."

 While @ Ransome _jnr replied

"I already arrived Lagos in search of this girl Pls I can recommend some1 for u that you’d love to marry but pls leave this particular girl alone for me. that’s my future wife. u can as well watch the video over & over again u’d see other pretty looking girls in the video."

 The drama did not stop there as someone tried to help a brother in need,  @ Solonizo2  made the attempt to locate her. 

He wrote

"Her name is peace,I know wetin Ojota axis..she used to be facebook friend ,I could have helped you guys but trying to figure her out is hard, maybe she changed her facebook name"

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