Looks so much like undergraduates are the most endangered in the cycle of unemployment both at the major and minor economic sectors. But seeking to establish an astounding career odds and going against convention can be the only way out.

Now allow me to explain myself.

I come from a country, I don’t know about you, where the best you are told to do for yourself is;

  • Get a jamb form

  • Take a jamb examination and make good grades

  • Apply for admission in an accredited university and pass the screening exercises

  • Get in and face studies strictly.

  • After graduation, get a job if you find one. And if not, blame the government because you have fulfilled all righteousness.

Because these are the regular societal expectations, it shapes our perception and perspective about career inclinations including how we define it.

But I really hope that your career odds will increase in your favour after the next few paragraphs are done processing in your memory.

Welcome to the world of change for learners only.

In a  time of change , only learners will inherit the world, while the learned will find themselves in a beautiful world that doesn’t exist”, Albert Einstein .

Welcome to the new world of knowledge and for learners “and if you feel you are learned, then sorry you’re old" my Boss would say. We are more concerned right now about the kind of education undergraduates get lately.  Such that will set odds in their favour at their career level without leaving you at the mercy of any employer.

You should take all your academic curriculum activities including your final year research projects if you must but then it is necessary you give  a chance to self-development and the opportunities you stand to gain.

Possibilities the digital world brings to undergraduates and students alike

  • Improved communication systems
  • Decentralized method of work
  • Decentralized currencies
  • Digitization
  • Augmented realities and virtual realities
  • Artificial Intelligence

Career odds that favours undergraduates the most

Social media marketing; this is the acquired skill of marketing and promoting business awareness to its targeted public using social media pages leveraging the features they offer.

Digital marketing; on a larger scope, digital marketing comprises all activities aimed at promoting a business visibility online. Inclusive are search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, copy writing and more. It’s quite broad and loaded with jaw dropping skills needed for a  constantly growing digital world.

Photo editing: learning how to edit photos with AI embedded tools gives you opportunities to become a photopreneur, or lands you contact or insider job especially if your skills are fashioned like the heavenly.

Other very important skills open for your consideration includes, coding, graphics designing, the arts of public speaking and video editing.

If you need to be reminded; as undergraduates, learning, unlearning and relearning is the odds that digital has bought.  If you have ever wished for a blooming career and future, you need to take-up a digital skill to make your career odds even pronounced while also taking your studies and research seriously as a university finalist.

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