This disease has taken many 9ja women what can be done about it?

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I think its high time we go back to our traditional meals and stop eating all these over stressed foods(fast) from younder.History have shown that this cancer disease became very prominent here when all these fast food thing took center stage.Another thing is that government and private people should try and get equipments for early detection of this disease.Its curable if detected early.

It should be given more awearness so that people will know about the signs early so that they can commence treatment early.
It is rather unfortunate that  many lives have been lost to cancer in recent times.  Cancer is one disease that has no cure for now  but it can be managed if  detected early enough.  Cancer is a global thing.  It cuts across the globe but why it appears to be more prominent in Africa is because of poor management and the attitude of most Africans, who due to superstition, would prefer to go a herbalist instead of a good hospital even when the signs of cancer are obvious.


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