'Can you teach me tips to improve my technique in bed?'

Dear Bunmi,

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A few years ago, I was in my first serious relationship.

Although I loved my partner, I was too tense during the physical side of love-making.

I am currently involved with a nice and considerate man, and sex will definitely be on the menu.

I don’t want to ask my new love to teach me the techniques of good sex.

Do you have tips on how to improve my technique in bed?

Chidinma, by e-mail. Dear Chidinma, Ordinarily, a lover who cares for you would be delighted to teach you how to have sex, and he’d find it a real turn- on to be the one to give you real pleasure.

But if you want to raise your game before hand, then try these tips a sexual expert recommends.

Get a full-length mirror and look at yourself all over naked.

Regularly massage yourself again, all over.

And really learn to relax into your pleasurable sensations.

Invest in a vibrator and master the art of making it work for you.

Practise giving yourself different sensations.

Teach your new partner to give you the pleasure you give yourself. And, remember, sex should be fun.

Use your imagination, flirt, tease, enjoy each other.

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