From all indication Boko Haram has declare war on the nation like Osama did on the USA
Now the question is can President JONa win this war?
Does he have the will to avenge the lost souls of the over 200 souls lost. Am sure most voted for him to protect them. Police stations have become constant threat to attacks by the boko killing them like rats. If I say good for looks like I like what is happen but far be it. It is only here naija the security looks stupid and senseless. All the police do is kill innocents, cheat, collect bribe. Most police station are like pig stay with records of abuse of human right. Well let just leave that there if not we will go on and on however can Bros Jona win this war with this police and his security ? Just imagine they have not been able to give photos of those behind the bokos like to have a face if not faces. 

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It is not just Jonathan, it is all about all of us.  Before any serious impact is made on this fight against terrorism, the Northern elite must be honest about one Nigeria.  They have the key to the end of Boko Haram

Jonathan can't do it alone, with security and other Nigerian who are law abiding can do it by fashingout unpatriouting elements who are using islam the religion of peace to achieve their selfishless intrest.

Mr. Abdulrahman, fishing out of  the unpatrotic elements in our midst should start with our Northern brothers.  The big question is how:  how prepared are they to do that?  Recent comments coming from ACF suggest that the body is protecting Boko Haram and are equatting it with the struggle in the Niger Delta, which ought not to be.


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