Can I write a computer science project without design and implementation?

Most of computer science project topics are planned to have a design they ought to implement at the end of the research exercise; this simply means that only a handful of them are completed without a design. While this may not sound familiar to every computer science undergraduate due to ‘exposure factor’, I wish to make you understand how necessary it is to build a framework for your computer science research work.

To implement undergraduates’ computer science projects, students rely on software called computer source code. Source codes give a programmed, open-source framework  and set of instructions that pictures what your research outcome will look like if actually implemented.

See computer science project source codes samples


How is computer science project source codes used?

Source codes are written in human readable languages, like English by programmers. This is done so that even someone who doesn’t have an idea about programming or computer languages will understand. Source codes contain a set of instructions that will guide the execution of a project. Just like a designer who drafts plan for a building; he includes set of instructions for the measurements, positioning and placements so even when he is not there, anyone can follow the plan layout and do the right thing.


Computer source codes are universally used and applied almost the same way. They serve as frameworks on which ideas are built. For computer science undergraduates and their final year projects, a source code gives a clear picture of the project and idea a student is proposing to work on. This is the reason most of the project topics in computer science use such terms like ‘design and implementation of ….’

Computer source codes are defenseless, once you have access to one, you can use it and build on it. This makes it a very useful tool for not just computer science students alone but to programmers alike.   

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