Earning Money Online is seen by most Nigerians as Yahoo-yahoo or a mirage. Do you think a Nigerian can earn money genuinely online? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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@Martins: Thanks for your post. Holidays And Cash seem to be an MLM thing i.e. Multi-Level Network. Although it represents one of the ways to earn money, I do not classify it as entirely online(subject to criticism). Take a look at my free report on earning genuine cash online @ http://www.leakedhoneypot.com/freereport.doc and see what I'm talking about.

I hope to hear from alll of you guys.

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The world is shrinking and the answer to that question will depend on who is behind the game. Making money on internet globally is a tricky venture bundle with terrific scams. If you do not understand what you are getting into, it may be terrible.

As you can see, I am an online business operator. I believe very well in online transactions. Take for instance, if you can check and see how much you have in your bank account online, what is left? That is the power of internet. Record keeping for instance is an online evolution workforce. Just imagine, you press a key board and the characters of the alphabets start to display on the screen. Have you ever seat down and think about this?

Late in the 80s, it was very scanty to see people using a word processor typewriter with memory commonly seen in many brand name electronic manufacturers. Canon, HP, to name but few.

In fact, not until first quarter of the 90s that DOS and Windows emerge the market. As at then DOS was common with IBM and Widows with Microsoft. Later, MAC started launching competition in computer industry.

The reason for this is to brush people that are smeared with skeptic because it shouldn't surprise anyone that even in the developed world today many people have no confidence in ATM banking system and they don't even trust the transaction its self. They are glued to the old way of doing things. But the question is for how long? Now that even medication prescription is been filled online how much more.

Although in some of the developed country, school exams are conducted and marked online instantly. Postal services are been conducted online. You can imagine what is left with online business.

Right now, meeting are been conducted online face to face, sharing ideas and documents. Sooner, travelling for business meetings will be obsolete

As we all aware, there bound to be pit falls. Some people are going to burnt; therefore do due diligent before getting involved with online business. This is not pertaining to Nigeria alone, but globally.

I hope I see you on the other side

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Nigerian are earning money on the internet legitimately. When it comes to internet business, people have this idea that there is this magic tree online. Making money online is like any other business. Its a lot of hard work. Once you know the "Rules of Engagement", it becomes simple. One of the easiest ways to get your feet wet in an internet business is to be an infopreneur. Pls do not make the mistake that majority of people do online. Building an online presence with free website. There is no free lunch anywhere. You pay a lot both short run and long run and the annoying part is that you can never recover the time spent. Learn how-to-start-an-internet-business" target="_blank">
If you are interested in learning how to take your business online or you are already online but not having success, Join my group Internet business class so that we can brainstorm.
You need to know why people go online. If you are not driving traffic to your site, you are invisible on the net. You also need to have backlinks.
Your internet business coach
"Empowering YOU to work Smart

Yes ofcourse! there's genuine money online.

Click here for details www.holidaysandcash.com/jovicbest The opportunities in holidays and cash are enormous.Good things are happening here.
Guys, i have seen and heard all your types of arguments and discussions and I have researched on my own as well. But the real thing is at the moment before starting an internet business you need a certain amount of money for your up keep until your internet business picks up, as Ngozi pointed out there is no free launch any where. There is always a price for something. In this case if you don't have upkeep money, you pay the prize with your time, that's just it, "that is if you know what you are doing. I once read something some where, the guy said and I quote, " if you have internet connection and a telephone, the world could be yours" unquote

Thanks guys, I Love you all.
@Emmanuel, Brown n Ngozi! Well done. Now I want us to take a new dimension. Let's stop referring people to links. Whatever means that you know that works online, display it here.....do not mind the length of the posts,. You can also put it in Word file and attach it as a file here. The aim is that Nigerians should know for FREE this information....I bet you, you'd gain more trust by this! So its up to you guys! I'm waiting.
Do you know you can earn much money online by just inviting people to a site?
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You can earn as much as 1.5 Million if you can invite up to 1000 people!
I assure you, this is for real.
Similar informations Is been posted all over the Internet by Registered Members because it is real!
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It is possible but most Nigerians are scared by the activities of yahoo-yahoo boys and so it becomes difficult to different a genuine on-line business from a fake one.


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