Right now you’re probably sitting in front of your computer,  GRS Ultra   enjoying a cup of coffee. Coffee, perhaps the most preferred drink in America, is a multi-billion dollar industry. Are you aware of how much caffeine is in that cup of coffee? Probably not one cup of coffee has roughly 75-110mg of caffeine in it (Erowid 2000). So let’s do the math; one cup before work 75mg, then two cups at lunch 150mg, one cup after dinner 75mg, and one cup of decaf before bed 2mg. the total amount of caffeine 302mg in a day that is not including chocolate, soda pop, and tea.

Caffeine is a lethal drug. Of course it is alright to consume in small amounts or else our government wouldn’t let it be distributed. I am a 150 pound man it would take 93 cups of coffee to kill me. Right now you’re thinking “93 cups that’s a lot of coffee” if you think about it, it really isn’t I drink about 10 cups a day of coffee alone not to mention the chocolate, pop, and the energy drinks I consume to keep me awake. So now I will cut that down to probably 70 cups . So, if you think about it I drink 1/7 of the amount it would take to kill me a day. This can not be good for me can it? Caffeine, has short term benefits like stimulation of the brain, reduces boredom, decreases depression, and increases alertness. But, what are the long term effects; I mean I drink 1/7 of the lethal amount a day The long term effects usually show up when there is a daily intake of about 650 mg that’s an average of 8-9 cups of regular coffee.


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In fact, there are quite a few people who think this way. I often come across them on the internet or even at my work. I drink about 3-4 cups of coffee a day and it suits me very much. In addition, I believe that quality coffee like Starbucks K-Cup pods only benefits our body. In general, everything is good in moderation, and this is the most important thing.


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