Over few days now, nobody have actually given me a satisfactory answer to my question:


Is it a political, economical, or spiritual problem?

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Because black man is greedy. True story.
There is nothing wrong with Nigerians or black people in general. I believe God created them purposely to serve as examples for white kids on what their lives would be like if they are not serious.
I wonder what you want to hear. Your attitude needs overhauling. I have already told you the problem with Nigeria. Let's get solutions.

Pastor Itohan Henry said:
Thank you Mr Edwin,
I like all your 5 reasons for Nigeria's underdeveloped economy. But again lets take a second look at it, these reasons are all found in Nigeria for a cause.
According to economics history, by the 17th century, all the nations of the world were all UN-DEVELOPED. Then the Industrial Revolution came in which gave the Europeans and Americans the advantage to explore, exploit and enslave Africa....
Why didnt that early education, industrial revolution that triggered off economic development in other places not get to Africa?
so the "WHY?" still remains


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