Burial of elderly woman halted after kinsmen demand cow for clan traditions

Drama unfolded when a burial function (not same as in photo) at Sikuvale village in Navakholo of Kakamega county was halted for more than four hours over a disagreement on the clan traditions.

Children halt father's burial over inheritance row – Kenya News Agency

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The uncles took the body ready to bury it without a coffin to fulfil their traditions.

Area residents were shocked when the deceased’s brothers (uncles) blocked the burial of their kin, demanding that the bereaved family must give them a cow to fulfil their traditions and customs.

According to the Abanyala traditions, when a woman dies, the bereaved family is required to give a cow “Eshikairo” to the uncles of the deceased before her body is buried.

This, according to elders, protects them from being tormented by evil spirits.

This custom was not conducted forcing the uncles to stop the burial in a dramatic way.

They staged a protest at the graveside and removed the body from the casket, threatening to bury it in their own fashion.

"The service was well conducted by the church until the burial moment when those carrying the body were prevented from taking the body to the grave by uncles from the bereaved family ," said a mourner.

The bizarre incident brought the function to a standstill for more than four hours, with some mourners leaving the compound after losing patience.

"The uncles took the body ready to bury it without a coffin to fulfill their traditions," said another mourner.

The deceased’s grandchildren were forced to give out KSh 20,000 to the uncles to prevent them from burying their grandmother without a coffin.

Jefrey Mwitahi, an elder, said the spotless cow is traditionally used to protect the remaining family members from evil spirits attack.

"A cow must be given out before the burial could take place. Uncles speak some words to the cow to cleanse the rest of the family before it is sold and the money is shared among the uncles," the elder explained.

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